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An atmospheric water generator generates fresh daily drinking water from the air increasingly known as the ‘water from air’ or ‘air to water’ miracle water machine.

In a world where, according to the United Nations, the global consumption of water is doubling every twenty years, more than one billion people already either have very limited or absolutely no access to fresh drinking water.

Our technology extracts ‘water from air’ and converts it to pure and fresh drinking water. Atmospheric Water Generators are essential for everyone wanting pure and clean drinking water in these times, without the threat of municipal contaminates, or transporting and storing expensive bottled water. Therefore eliminating plastic water bottle waste and the need for delivery of water bottles/containers, thus reducing the ‘carbon footprint’. No water source on this planet is as pure or abundant as water from our own air. Atmospheric water generators simply and reliably deliver safe drinking water from the air we breathe.

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Atmospheric Water Generators

Our product range starts with our Home/small office 15L model rising to our 10,000 Litre per day model, please click on each model where you can access all the specifications.

How it Works?

How our Atmospheric Water Generators work.

Water extracted from air

Our technology safely converts

To pure and fresh drinking water